About us

M-Valley is a young, trend setting, independent Internet media and entertainment company that with a team of experts, who all have often proven themselves in all different disciplines of the e-commerce, has a great amount of experience in the world of (mobile) internet. M-Valley develops, distributes, markets and monitors new media concepts for their own purposes and for various companies and entrepreneurs in the market.

In the field of mobile content development and entertainment M-Valley is a well known and respected partner in the making. The in-house development of innovative online and mobile concepts is one of the most important key qualities of our company. Our own mobile platform connects with different gateways worldwide, which connects us directly to dozens of telecommunication Providers. Our own platform sends paid content through our Content Management system to mobile phones around the world. We are also able to monitor all traffic through our in-house built, all in, Data Management system. We offer our customer the opportunity to follow REALTIME all statistics that are of importance to the customer. Another possibility is creating a "customized" data management system.

Our extensive experience in online marketing yielded M-Valley a vast network of specialists in the field of affiliate, viral and email marketing. We also have good connections with major media buyers and banner networks. M-Valley specializes in developing call2action concepts. We eat, drink and sleep conversion. It's all about ROI and great conversion rates!

Now we have introduced ourselves, I am very curious about you!

It's not what you look at that matters, it's what you see.
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